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Guide on how to submit homework before the deadline

Many students dislike tackling homework especially when they are busy with other after-school jobs sports or evening attending to the family. However, this doesn’t prevent teachers from assigning it. The good news is that there are some important tips that students can use to ensure that they are able to submit the work before the deadline. Here are some of them;

Make use of a computer.

If the assignment is on a handout, you can type it on your laptop. This will in that most people are able to type faster than they can write and this means that it will be easier for you to complete the questions.

Choose a working spot.

Ensure that there are no distractions such as mobile phones, TV and other people who can affect your ability to complete your assignment on time. Once you find a spot that is free of distractions, it will be possible for you to complete the work faster.

Work from school.

At the end of the class, most of the teachers will give some free time. Rather than using this time to talk to fellow students or line up at your door, you can spend it doing your assignment. While you make think that the five minutes aren’t enough, these can make a lot of differences.

Turn off the mobile phone.

Mobile phones can be quite distracting. If you aren’t using it to complete the work, it is advisable to turn it off and place it somewhere else in the home. Those texts that can distract you should wait until you finish the work.

Have your materials ready.

It is important to stack your workplace with a pen paper, calculator and any other tools that may come in handy.

Dedicate time for each day.

You should dedicate a specific time of the day to completing your assignment. Even when you don’t have any work during that time, you can dedicate it to revising.

Understand people who can help.

In case one of your parents does well in Math, then you should go to him or her for help.

Record the assignment

.Whether it is on a paper planner or mobile phone it is advisable to avoid memorizing it. By simply recording it in a calendar, it will be easy for you to access the work when you get home.

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